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ADS Amber LED Ortho Post Mount (40") Dental Light, A0602632


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ADS Amber LED Ortho Post Mount (40") Dental Light

Double operating modes - Easy, quick switchover of 2 operating modes through a knob switch.
Cure-Safe mode: provides amber-like yellow illumination of the oral cavity, avoid premature curing and enable your dental team to have all the time you need to perform your best work.
Usual operating mode: Provides cool white illumination with correct color rendering and rectangular light pattern, it insures a clear view, the soft light minimizes eye fatigue.
Sensor activated, light intensity sensor controlled, not necessary to look away from patient to operate and contact the light, touchless operation prevents cross infecting and ensures sanitary.
Fashionable unique appearance with smooth and fluent curves, two-point connected closed light handles are more durable, heavy-duty molded plastic structure has less discernible gaps.

Advanced Features:
Energy Saving: Requires 60% less power compared to traditional dental lights.
Fluid Positioning: Smooth, three-axis light head rotation permits stress-free positioning and directs illumination to area where it is needed.
Easy on the Eye: 5,000K - 5,700K color temperature, DRI≥90, 8,000 - 30,000 LUX adjustable, close to natural light and minimizes eye fatigue.
Easy Cleaning: Smooth, fluent and seamless light surface is easy to clean.

2 Year Warranty

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