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Air Abrasion Systems

Independent Dental is the perfect online resource for dental offices and the dental profession. By specializing in the acquisition, upgrading, and reselling of dental equipment, including high quality and expertly functioning air abrasion systems, we help dental professionals in keeping down their equipment costs while supplying their facilities with the best value dental equipment. Such equipment includes such vital items as an air abrasion system, also known as a dental air abrasion system.

We offer many different brands of dental air abrasion units, including equipment from both the Danville and Velopex manufacturers. Because of our direct connections within the dental medical industry, we also are able to offer servicing and repairs of dental air abrasion systems at a reasonable price with reliable results.

When you compare our pricing with the other providers of dental air abrasion systems, you will be happy to discover that we do indeed offer the best dental office supplies at the most aggressive and fair prices possible. If you have been thinking of adding a dental air abrasion unit to your business, do not hesitate to contact us to learn how easy and affordable such an addition would be for your operation.

Because air abrasion treatments are now known to be reliable and effective, being able to install your own dental air abrasion unit can result in immediate and continuing profits for your business. It takes very few patient treatments to recover your initial modest investment in an air abrasion system, and each future procedure directly benefits your bottom line for an increased income in the coming years.

Be sure to investigate the many air abrasion systems we have on offer. By taking advantage of the best possible prices on the most reliable equipment, you can improve the service to your patients while also boosting revenues for your company. Remember that you can always rely on Independent Dental for all of your office needs and repairs!


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