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Bien Air Contra-Angle EVO.15 Electric Attachment, 1600938-001, 1600939-001, 1600940-001, 1600941-001

SKU: 1600938-001, 1600939-001, 1600940-001, 1600941-001
This item is available by phone order only. Please contact us at (800) 728-0020 for pricing.
SKU: 1600938-001, 1600939-001, 1600940-001, 1600941-001

Product Description

Bien Air CONTRA-ANGLE EVO.15 - Newest Bien Air Attachment

*  Micro-Series is the combination of Bien-Air’s most recent line of compact contra-angles with its new generation micromotors. Up to 30 percent shorter and 23 percent lighter than traditional models, Micro-Series guarantees optimal balance and reduced hand fatigue. Micro-Series, welcome to a new dimension.
*  Accu-Chuck™ PreciPlus bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism Provides staunch clamping of the bur resulting in vibration-free stability and comfort. Bur changing is quick, accurate, and safe, thanks to Bien-Air’s unique Soft Push™ locking system.
*  Miniature shockproof head Facilitates maneuverability, posterior access, and pediatric use.
*  Accu-Spray Quattro Mix™ with dualook™ illumination Converges four asymmetrical laser-precise air/water sprays onto the tip of the bur for rapid and even cool¬ing of the operative field. In combination with two multi-strand optical glass conductors, unobscured intraoral visibility is guaranteed
*  CoolTouch+™ heat-arresting technology Revolutionizes patient safety by eliminating overheating and associated burn injuries.

Smallest diameter head for any attachment.
Head does not heat up (in fact it can be run without coolant water spray).
Bearing rebuilds are 1/2 the cost of W+H, KaVo and NSK.
Available in 1:5 fiber optic FG and 1:1 friction grip latch.
Available to fit short stem and traditional stem motors.
2 year warranty standard. Additional 1 year warranty available.

EVO.15 Classic E-Type CA 1:1 L Standard / Micro-Series
Transmission ratio               1:1
Maximum speed (rpm)      40’000
Head                                        Shockproof head (stainless steel)
Head diameter (mm)          9.4
Head size (mm)                    14.1
Weight (g)                              84 / 76
Noise level (dBA)                 55
Spray system                        4 asymmetrical mixed air/water sprays
Lighting system                   Multi-strand optical glass technology
Anti-heating system              -
Coupling system                  ISO 3694 and Bien-Air Micro-Series
Warranty                                 2 to 3 years¹
Reference                               EVO.15 1:1 L 1600939-001
                                                   EVO.15 1:1 L Micro-Series 1600938-001

EVO.15 Classic E-Type CA 1:5 L Standard / Micro-Series
Transmission ratio               1:5
Maximum speed (rpm)      200'000
Head                                        Shockproof head (stainless steel)
Head diameter (mm)          9.4
Head size (mm)                    14.1 (21.5 mm with bur 19 mm)
Weight (g)                              88 / 80
Noise level (dBA)                  55
Spray system                         4 asymmetrical mixed air/water sprays
Lighting system                    Multi-strand optical glass technology
Anti-heating system           Cool Touch+™
Coupling system                  ISO 3694 and Bien-Air Micro-Series
Warranty                                 2 to 3 years¹
Reference                                EVO.15 1:5 L 1600941-001
                                                   EVO.15 1:5 L Micro-Series 1600940-001


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