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Certified Pre-Owned Digital Panoramic X-Ray Sale

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Certified Pre-Owned Digital Panoramic X-Ray Sale

Invest in the best technology for less! Independent Dental’s wide selection of refurbished dental x-ray machines will help you transform patient care and set your practice apart.

High-tech dental equipment options, including digital panoramic x-ray machines, offer a number of important benefits to patients and are rapidly becoming a must-have for any dental practice.

A digital panoramic x ray machine rotates around the patient’s head capturing images of the jaw and teeth all at once, and helps a dentist to easily identify treatments needed or catch potential problems early. Dental professionals use panoramic x ray images to help identify impacted teeth, signs of oral cancer, and deep, advanced decay. The advanced, panoramic imaging allows a dentist to see issues that may not be visible in a bitewing x-ray alone.

Independent Dental has certified pre-owned panoramic X-ray machines on sale now. We start with previously owned, best-in-class equipment from brand names you trust, and put them through a total reconditioning. Our goal is to offer you the highest-quality used dental equipment at the most-competitive prices. Quality workmanship guaranteed.

Shop our wide selection of skillfully refurbished dental equipment for sale online, or call us for personal service at (800) 728-0020.

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Certified Pre-Owned Belmont Bel-Cypher Pro Digital X-Ray

Simple to use and affordable, the Bel-Cypher Pro digital X-ray system produces outstanding Panoramic, Lateral 4 TMJ, and Bitewing images.

Now $11,995.00 - Financing Available!

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Certified Pre-Owned Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph OP30 Digital Panoramic X-Ray

One-of-a-kind image quality and user-friendly workflow. The OP30’s sharp and detailed images are enabled by a powerful tube head and wide range of exposure settings to fit every patient size. Features a high-resolution CCD imaging sensor. All the essentials are included.

Now $11,995.00 - Financing Available!

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Certified Pre-Owned Sirona XG3 Panorex Digital X-Ray

The Sirona XG3 combines top-tier image quality and exceptional ease-of-use in an affordable, digital panoramic x-ray solution. Includes standard panoramic, orthoradial left, orthoradial right, constant magnification, and lateral TMJ dental imaging views. Its cone beam features a shorter panoramic program, making it friendly for use with children in pediatric dental clinics.

Now $11,995.00 - Financing Available!

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The Benefits of Panoramic X Ray Equipment in Your Dental Office

Improved Care and Diagnostics - A panoramic x-ray allows the dentist to view a patient’s teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding structures and tissues in one image. This gives a dentist a better look at how everything is working as a whole, so they can more easily see if there are underlying issues.

Catch Issues at the Onset - Digital panoramic x-ray images offer a comprehensive view of the entire mouth and jaw, improving the likelihood that the dental professional can detect problems early on. This is especially important for oral cancer, because when caught at its onset, it is easier to treat and most likely to be curable. Early detection of any issue often results in treatment that is less expensive and less invasive for the patient.

Monitor Changes Over Time - Taking a panoramic x-ray every 3-5 years or sooner allows the dentist to monitor changes in a patient’s mouth over time, such as shifting teeth or a bone abnormality. Dental panoramic x rays are useful for assessing orthodontic needs in children and teens, and to spot early warning signs of oral cancer, TMJ issues, and other abnormalities in your adult patients.

Get the Sharpest Image Possible with Digital Dental X-Ray Equipment

Digital dental x-ray machines are a vital part of any dental practice. Independent Dental has a variety of new, refurbished, and certified pre-owned dental x-ray units to choose from. Please call us with any questions regarding dental x-ray equipment, or other equipment for sale on our website. Our friendly staff is ready to help!

(800) 728-0020

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