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Dental Vacuums and Compressor Systems

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Dental Vacuums and Compressor Systems: Your Power Team Behind the Scenes

Your dental compressed air and vacuum systems may be out of sight, but they should never be out of mind. Selecting the right dental compressor and vacuum as your mechanical room ‘power team’ helps you provide quality patient care and boosts the overall productivity of your dental office. 

Function & Efficiency

Dental vacuum pump capacity, compressor power, and the design of your mechanical room can make or break the function and efficiency of your entire office.

Independent Dental helps ensure that you not only have the proper equipment, but also that the compressor works in coordination with your vacuum system, to achieve quality airflow and noise reduction. Working with an experienced dental equipment supplier like Independent Dental is also important to reduce excess heat, avoid premature wear on your equipment, and improve handpiece performance.

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We help you choose the right sizes and types of dental vacuum and compressor equipment to meet the demands of your practice, whether your office is small, medium, large, or a specialized practice such as dental surgery. Independent Dental offers new and used equipment, including dental air compressors for sale in multiple clinical grade options, from standard wet and dry vacuums, to ultra-quiet dental air compressors, and even specialized equipment for oral surgery needs.

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Things to Consider When Buying Dental Compressors & Vacuum Systems Online

The dental air compressor powers many of the most important tools for your dental office, including: 3/1 syringes, chair valves, delivery units, dental drills, dental handpieces, dental scalers and more. The more tools you power, the stronger the compressor you'll need.

Power & Pressure

Your air compressor should have the proper pressure capacity and produce high-quality air, which ensures the safety of your patients, and prolongs the life of your tools. Be sure to exceed your equipment pressure requirements, as too little pressure may damage the tools you're running. Moist or unclean air from a bad compressor can damage operatory tools by corroding, contaminating, and/or decreasing their precision; rendering them unusable.


For proper function of your mechanical room, choose equipment from trusted vacuum and dental air compressor manufacturers - and a supplier who is highly rated for service, quality, and a strong maintenance record. This ensures your equipment will work consistently and properly during procedures, while keeping your handpieces in good, working order.

Service & Support

Independent Dental offers maintenance plans and technical service that protects your investment, helps you avoid downtime, and keeps your patients comfortable. We also sell vacuum and dental air compressor parts, and offer friendly troubleshooting support to assist you whenever you need it.

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  • Reduce downtime with high-performance air and vacuum equipment
  • Dental air compressors and vacuums can be configured based on number of users to both meet your practice needs now, and grow with you into the future
  • High-performance equipment provides confidence that your handpieces will operate efficiently
  • Warranties on our new and used equipment give you peace of mind that your equipment will last
  • Clean, quality air for your critical dental procedures ensures a safe environment
  • Dental air compressors and vacuums are simple to install and easy to maintain

Contact Independent Dental for all your dental practice equipment needs.

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