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How to Enhance Your Dental Practice in a Post-COVID World

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How to Enhance Your Dental Practice in a Post-COVID World

The topics on most dentist’s minds today are sanitizing, safety, and helping your patients and staff feel secure. Since the onset of COVID-19, more and more precautions are being taken to keep everyone who enters your dental office as safe as possible.


Independent Dental has the expertise to help you adjust your dental setting to the new standard of care. In addition to a wide variety of new and used dental equipment for sale online, we offer technical service and office design consulting. Independent Dental’s friendly, professional staff are here to support the success of your practice - especially in these unprecedented times.

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Here are 4 ways to enhance your practice in a post-COVID 19 world.

In addition to the use of PPE for dental staff, hand hygiene and patient management, the CDC recommends these additional precautions for a dental practice setting.

1. Expand Maintenance & Cleaning Protocol

  • Before re-opening or putting your equipment back into service, keep in mind that your dental equipment may require maintenance, deep cleaning, and/or repair.
  • Review the manufacturer’s instructions regarding periods of non-use, with additional considerations for these items:
    • Dental unit waterlines - Test water quality of any devices and products that deliver water for dental procedures.
    • Autoclaves and instrument cleaning equipment - Ensure that all routine cleaning and maintenance has been performed, and test sterilizers using a biological indicator with a matching control.
    • Air compressor, vacuum and suction lines, radiography equipment, high-tech equipment, amalgam separators, and other dental equipment - Follow protocol for storage and recommended maintenance per manufacturer instructions.

2. Adjust Operatory Stations and Work Practices

  • The CDC recommends limiting clinical care to one patient at a time whenever possible.
  • Set up operatories with only the clean or sterile supplies and instruments needed for the dental procedure.
  • All other supplies and instruments should be kept in covered or enclosed storage - away from potential contamination.
  • Any items that are exposed, but not used during the procedure should be considered contaminated and disposed of or reprocessed after the procedure.

3. Prepare for Changes to Office Areas & Scheduling

  • Encourage staff and patients to adhere to health guidelines by posting signs about face coverings, hand washing and cough etiquette in entrances, waiting and common areas.
  • Provide hygiene supplies for patients and staff, such as 60-95% alcohol-based hand rubs, tissues, and no-touch disposal bins.
  • Install physical barriers or partitions at reception to limit close contact between personnel and patients.
  • Move chairs in the waiting room at least six feet apart, and remove any toys, magazines, or other frequently touched objects that cannot be regularly disinfected.
  • Minimize overlapping dental appointments to minimize the number of persons in the waiting room. Give patients the option to wait in their vehicle or outside the office, and be contacted by phone when it’s their turn for dental care.

4. Install Anti-Viral Suction Equipment

  • The CDC strongly recommends avoiding aerosol-generating procedures whenever possible, such as those with dental handpieces, ultrasonic scalers and the air/water syringe.
  • If aerosol-generating procedures are necessary, use four-handed dentistry, high evacuation suction and dental dams to minimize droplet spatter and aerosols.
  • Limit the number of dental staff present during the procedure.

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