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Save on Belmont Dental X-ray Equipment

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Save on Belmont Dental X-ray Equipment through December 22, 2017

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Efficiency is one of the top goals in any dental practice. Practitioners need to make sure that their dental equipment products deliver on that goal. Adding an intraoral dental x-ray machine to your collection of quality dental sterilization equipment, chairs, units, and lights is the best way to ensure the most optimal office set up.

X-rays are an integral part of the dental diagnosis. They help clinicians find cavities in patient’s teeth, examine the surrounding anatomy, and assist in the progress of procedures such as root canals. Choosing a high-quality, digital intraoral x-ray like Belmont’s PHOT-xIIs DC and Bel-Ray II AC x-rays provides dentists with the diagnostic tools they need for comprehensive examinations and treatment planning. And now through December 22, 2017, you can take advantage of special savings on essential x-ray systems from one of the leading dental equipment manufacturers. 

Belmont’s intraoral x-rays are built specifically to support the demands and needs of the everyday practice by providing crisp imaging with capabilities of exposure setting customization, and the option of film or digital mode.

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Add a Digital Imaging System To Your Dental Practice For These Major Benefits

  • Crisp, clear imaging

Digital x-rays supply sharp exposures. This allows the operator to obtain more detailed information, helping them make more informed decisions and accurate diagnoses. PHOT-xIIs and Bel-Ray II feature small focal spots (0.4mm and 0.7mm, respectively) for absolute precision. Pairing this with the easy-to-position x-ray heads yields peak productivity when taking an exposure.

  • Customized exposures

Once an exposure is taken with film, there’s no going back. If there was a mistake in positioning or clarity settings, the clinician has no choice but to take yet another exposure, consuming valuable time that could be better spent diagnosing the current patient or moving on to another consultation. Digital x-rays enable the dentist to send exposures directly to the computer, ensuring the highest quality and clarity with little to no development time. Both PHOT-xIIs and Bel-Ray II run on digital radiographic systems, giving you clear imaging in real-time. The operator can also personalize control module settings such as exposure time, tooth type, mA, and patient size, resulting in perfect exposures every time.

  • Flexibility to switch from film to digital mode

Trends are moving toward the use of digital x-rays with prime benefits, but some clinicians choose to stick with what they feel most comfortable. With that in mind, PHOT-xIIs and Bel-Ray II provide both film and digital modes. This supports staff preferences while still delivering sharp imaging and quality benefits.

Belmont Intraoral X-Rays Are Back by Popular Demand!

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PHOT-xlls (Model # 505WK31, 505WK20, 505WK12, 505WK40) 

The PHOT-xlls produces superb radiographic images and minimizes patient exposure to radiation during dental imaging. Its sleek, aesthetic design makes it a natural choice for any dental operatory.

Bel-Ray ll (Model # 097WK31, 097WK20, 097WK12, 097WK40) 

The Bel-Ray II produces crystal clear digital or film diagnostic images with intuitive and straightforward controls. Features include a small focal spot, a compact control module, and customizable programming.

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