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Sustaining Your Dental Practice During a Pandemic

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Sustaining Your Dental Practice During a Pandemic

The question on many dentist’s minds is how to re-open and operate safely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help you sustain your practice during these uncertain times, Independent Dental shares the latest dental safety equipment on the market. We’re here to help you address your patient’s top concerns and make everyone in your dental office feel more at ease.

Survey Says: Your Patients Want Safety

Recent survey results from DentistryToday reveal that patients consider a dental office’s hygienic practices more important today than before the pandemic. When asked how much attention they would pay to cleanliness and hygiene at their next appointment, patients responded: 

  • More than before: 78.0%
  • About the same: 19.0%
  • Less than before: 3.0%

Growing Your Dental Practice in Times of Uncertainty

Here’s a marketing hack for you: Finding new patients is not always the key to dental practice growth, but rather, keeping the patients you have is what can sustain your practice. By addressing top safety and hygiene concerns, your patients will be more comfortable, your staff will feel more at ease, and your practice can deliver a reassuring experience that keeps those patients coming back.

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Dental Equipment that Improves Patient & Staff Safety

The dental equipment market has responded to concerns about COVID-19 with new and redesigned products that significantly reduce potentially hazardous aerosols that are generated during dental procedures.

Browse our top five dental equipment products to improve the hygiene and safety of your dental practice.

Dental Equipment That Helps Minimize Risk During COVID

Bien-Air Aerosol-Reduction Handpieces

During COVID-19, the use of handpiece equipment raises concerns over potentially hazardous aerosols and splatter that may spread the virus. Bien-Air offers a solution with handpiece attachments that minimize cross-contamination while maximizing safety.

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Beyes Dental Aerosol-Reduction High Speed Handpiece

The award-winning M800 direct-LED handpiece coupled with Safeguard Air Technology to minimize aerosol production and reduce airborne contamination during dental procedures. DuraMax M800 makes stress-free treatment a reality. Features powerful 23W cutting power and brilliant illumination for increased visibility. Uses single stream water instead of traditional spray, with 3 specialized ports to push aerosol downward.

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Flight Dental Defender I Aerosol Evacuator

The state-of-the-art Defender Aerosol Evacuator System offers high-power suction to evacuate viruses, bacteria, dust and aerosols through a 3-stage HEPA filtration system. Eliminates 99.97% of all particulate matter and filters it through a UV-C disinfection before being exhausted out. Quiet, powerful and easy to maintain, the small footprint makes the Defender an ideal chair-side extraoral suction system.

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ADS EOS Extraoral Dental Suction System
Known as the “Aerosols & Droplets Terminator,” the ADS Extraoral Suction System removes high volumes of droplets and aerosols produced during treatment. With 3 layers of medical-grade HEPA filtration, it safely removes: droplets, aerosols, virus, blood, and dust with 99.995% efficiency. Features ultra strong suction with advanced motor design, negative voltage, minimal noise, long-life use, and rear-mounted exhaust that prevents air leaks.

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Beyes Dental DuraMax Extraoral Suction System

This aerosol-control system removes contaminants produced during dental procedures including: droplets, aerosols, blood, dust, and virus, using the most advanced Quattro (4) layer filtration system to kill over 99.9% of virus and bacteria absorbed. Features a compact, portable design that is powerful with 10 levels of control.

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Browse our aerosol-reduction dental equipment, then give us a call. Our friendly professional staff can help you choose the dental practice equipment to make you, your staff and your patients feel more secure.

Independent Dental can consult with you on extra-oral suction systems and optimized handpiece equipment that will help your office operate more efficiently and safely. Call us at (800) 728-0020 or browse dental equipment for sale online.

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