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Communications System

Dental Office Communication System

Empower your staff with a dependable dental office communication system that they can use to send messages whenever and wherever in your clinic. Our dental office communication systems are ideal for growing dental offices and practices where smooth coordination among dental professionals is needed.

A key communication problem that the system addresses is the lack of information from sent and received messages. With an Amtel dental communication system, you'll have all the details you need, including the sender's information, time, and the urgency of their message.

In the medical field, having the right information is extremely important when carrying out any kind of procedure. Time cannot be wasted as well, as any delay can have repercussions. If you want to save on time disseminating information to your dental staff or when you need to contact personnel, a dental office communication system can help. With just a button, you can send a customized message or response for enhanced communication efficiency. The system is also secure, so you can rest easy knowing that messages that contain confidential information are protected.

At Independent Dental, we have wall-mounted, keyboard, and panel units for you to choose from. If you have a large facility with several rooms or floors, you can use the wall-mounted units for your laboratory, sterilization center, recovery area, staff lounge, or administrative area. With its sealed touchpad, cleaning is made simpler and faster. Additionally, its compact size won't take up too much space when mounted on a wall or cabinet.

For sending detailed messages or responses with ease, the keyboard type comes with a full-sized keyboard. This unit can be installed at the front desk, doctor's private office, business manager's office, or other administrative areas. The keyboard is also used for programming and customizing other communication units.

Our dental office communication systems also come with the following modern features:

  • Emergency Alert or Status Buttons
  • Customizable Phrases
  • Up to 13 Control Keys

For more information on our different models' product specifications, such as their size and weight, please click on the pictures to read their respective descriptions. Alternatively, you may contact us for customer assistance or to find out which model is best for your facility.

For inquiries or technical service with your dental communication system, please do not hesitate to contact us. As your trusted dental equipment specialists, we can also help you plan your office's communication system.


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