CPAC Environmental Solutions (SteriDent/Cox)

CPAC Environmental Solutions Steri-Dent #300 Dry Heat Sterilizer, 301000-SD

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#300 Dry Heat Sterilizer

Includes 3 Trays, Size: 12" x 7 1/4" Outside Dimensions: 19½"W x 14½"H x 11"D
Power Consumption: 735 watts, Operates on 115V AC or 230 VAC electrical power.

Steri-Dent Dry Heat Sterilizers kill bacteria without moisture and will not dull sharp instruments. They can be used to dry wet packs or as a back-up sterilizer in your practice - the perfect complement to an autoclave. Unlike wet heat methods, Steri-Dent Dry Heat Sterilizers require no routine cleaning. Dry heat sterilization works without pressure, steam, or chemicals, which increases safety. Steri-Dent products feature a rapid-start heating element for fast operation.

Utility trays can be sterilized with lids on and stored without contamination. Steri-Dent Sterilizers also have automatic timers with heat "hold" capability for continuous use in a busy practice. Stainless steel construction means no rust - ever! Low purchase cost and low operating cost - no distilled water to buy!

3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

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301095 - Extra Tray for Model #300 (10" x 6¼")
400597B - Self-Seal Paper Pouches (2.5" x 10.5") 250/box
400636 - Self-Seal Nylon Pouches (2" x 10") 100/box
400637 - Self-Seal Nylon Pouches (4" x 10") 100/box
400638 - Self-Seal Nylon Pouches (7" x 10.5") 100/box
400639 - Self-Seal Nylon Pouches (9.5" x 13") 100/box


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