RPI A-dec Delivery System Wter Cartridge Assembly (OEM #38.1934.01), ADC287


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RPI A-dec Delivery System Water Cartridge Assembly
OEM Part #38.1934.01 (Version 2)
Version 2 design
For a wet block position
Material: Brass
Includes: (1 pc) Retraining ring (RPI #ADR289), (3 pcs) O-Ring (RPI #RPO303), and (1 pc) O-Ring (RPI #RPO312)
Included in: Handpiece control block (RPI #ADK276, ADK277, ADK278, & ADK284)
Also available: Water cartridge assembly dry (RPI #ADC288), High temp lubricant (RPI #RPL090), and Version 1 Water cartridge assembly (RPI #ADC236)
Fits: Handpiece Control Blocks Version 2 (3 and 4 position)
Models: 200, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 532A, 532B, 533A, 533B, 541, 542