A-dec Refurbished Performer 8000 III Dental Chair


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Ref. A-dec 8000 III

A-dec Refurbished Performer 8000 III Dental Chair

Chair Features:
Thin-profile bakrest - Provides a more comfortable working position.
Double-articulating headrest - Allows you to adjust the patient for a better view of the oral cavity.
Headrest Tension Adjustment - Increase or decrease tension for perfect positioning.
Reliable hydraulic-lift system - Results in ultra-quiet, smooth chair movement.
Foot control - Pre-programmed entry/exit, programmable position buttons and manual position buttons.
Chair LED - LED indicates status of chair.
Chair Stop Plate - Safety feature that stops chair immediately when any part of it is pressed.
Cast-aluminum baseplate - Sites flat on any floor for overall chair stability.
Your choice of vinyl upholstery - with clear vinyl foot scuff cover. Ultraleather available for additional cost.

1 Year Warranty