ADS / Ajax Dental System

ADS Amber II LED Dental Ceiling Mount Light, A0601671, A0601672, A0601673

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A0601671, A0601672, A0601673
ADS Amber II LED Dental Ceiling Mount Light
Easy switch of 3 operating modes through the upper sensor White light, yellow light and composite light
3 Axis head rotation
On/Off control
Intensity control, Adjusting color temperature through touching the upper sensor
Standard Features:
Power input: AC24V
Illuminance: 8000-40000 lux
Color temperature: White Light - 5200k, Yellow Light - 3500k
Composite Light: 4400k-52005
Power consumption: <10W
A0601671 - 8' Ceiling
A0601672 - 9' Ceiling
A0601673 - 10' Ceiling
2 Year Warranty

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