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Arbe Dual-Head Ultra Clean Oil-less Compressor, SAC-040


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Arbe Dual-Head Ultra Clean Oil-Less Compressor

These compressors have been engineered and built with the latest technology to provide high quality clean air for the dental markets.
The Dual Head Ultra Clean Oil-lees Compressor supplies 100% oil-free air to the dental office environment. The automatic high performance air dry system with auto-drain guarantees the delivery of clean, dry air to you dental office.
Air Drying System - Each Arbe silent dental air compressor uses the latest air-drying technology. The system utilizes a dual drying process that incorporates an air chilling system along with a desiccant drying tower which produces high quality, clean and dry air making it safer for patients and for the equipment being used in the practice.

Product Features:
15 Gallon Oil-less Air Compressor
Maintenance free
Dual Head Design
Airflow - 236 liters per minute/8.3cfm
Maximum Pressure - 8 bar
1-3 Dental Stations
"Silent" Noise Level (55dB)
110 Volts
Dimensions: 28"W x 20"D x 28"H

5 Year Warranty