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Beyes Dental Maxso E800 Portable Electric Handpiece System, MT8001, MT8001KIT1


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MT8001, MT8001KIT1
Beyes Dental Maxso E800 Electric Handpiece System
The Maxso E800 is equipped with a touch screen interface and 3 programmable preset speeds. This brushless electric micromotor system is designed with ultimate user-friendliness in mind.  With customizable settings, the system is the perfect solution for all high-speed and low-speed applications.  Its quiet motor delivers uncompromised power-featuring advanced rotational control technology, resulting in only the smoothest and steadiest operation.  Integrate the Masxo E800 into your practice with ease and start experiencing the advantages of electric today. Also available in package that includes 1 - E800P plus 1 - X99L attachment.
Refined Trimming
Faster Tooth Preparation
More Powerful Crown-splitting
The E800 Advantage:
Powerful: 5.0 Ncm of torque
Steady Performance: Speed of rotations is controlled between 2,000 and 40,000min-1
Smooth Operation: Torque ripple and heat reduction technology eliminates vibrations
Convenient & Durable: Smooth and easy to clean surface with autoclavable brushless motor
3 Programmable Memory Settings: Easily switch between speed presets for more efficient workflow
New Touch Screen Interface: Easily and quickly navigate through menu setting on a color LCD display panel
Key Specification:
Motor Speed Range - 2000-40000rpm
Maximum torque - 5.0
Compatible Contra-angle - 16:1, 1:1, 1:5 (Standard)
Noise Level - <60dB
Warranty - 25 Months