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Chicago X-Ray Rotograph EVO D TS (2D) Digital Pan

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Rotograph EVO D TS (2D)

Chicago X-Ray Rotograph EVO D TS Digital Pan

Technology for a Precise Diagnosis:
Constant magnification factor - Allows a more precise reproduction of anatomical structures for an excellent diagnosis.
200 kHz High frequency generator - Assures efficient exposures, reducing the X-Rays dose to the patient.
Wide range of projections - One of the most complete choices for panoramic exposures, covering all diagnostic needs.
3D upgradeable - Owners can decide to update the Rotograph Evo according to future clinical needs.
Multi-motorized rotation - Different trajectories cover various patient’s morphologies for a more precise diagnosis.
Hi-resolution sensor - The digital version can rely on the new sensor with 27 μm pixel size, permitting a th. resolution of 18,5 lp/mm

Accurate Alignment, Minimum Effort:
2 Laser beams - The presence of just two laser beams simplifies the patient positioning, with significant time-saving
Electronic focal layer adjustment - The configuration is set according the patient’s morphology, without repositioning.
Mirror alignment - As he sees himself reflected in the mirror, the patient contributes actively to get a correct positioning.
Three-point headrest - Multiple contact points assure a high stability, minimizing the risk of patient’s movements.
Complete range of chin rests - For an accurate alignment according to the exam selected by the operator.
Telescopic column - The motorized adjustment allows a faster positioning and the telescopic technology makes the machine more compact.

An Advanced System for Immediate Use:
Touch screen interface - On digital systems, the touch user interface makes even easier the setting of the system’s parameters.
USB connection - The USB memory stick offers the possibility, fundamental in case of unavailable PC connection, to save images directly.
Automatic collimator - The correct collimator is automatically set for each exam, without any manual intervention from the operator.
High speed/definition - The operator can choose whether to privilege high speed or high definition during ceph exams.
Single or dual Ceph detector - Rotograph Evo provides the possibility to choose the con-figuration according to specific needs.
DICOM compatible - Our experience with DICOM functionalities guarantees the integration of the system into hospital networks.

Technical Data:
Generator - High frequency, 200 kHz constant potential
High voltage - 60 – 86kV
Anodic current - 6 – 12 mA
Focal spot - 0.5 (EN 60336)
Weight - PAN 324 lbs., CEPH 368 lbs.
Power supply voltage - 110-120 V / 220-240 V (±10%) monophase, 50/60 Hz
Dose area product (DAP) - Standard
Standard image transfer - Ethernet
Sensor technology - CCD w/ Caesium iodide (Csl) scintillator screen, Pixel size 27 μm

1 Year Warranty

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