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Flight Dental Defender I Aerosol Evacuator, AE-1000

SKU: AE-1000
SKU: AE-1000

Product Description

Flight Dental Defender I Aerosol Evacuator
Call 800-728-0020 (3 units available)
The state of the art Defender Aeorosol Evacuator System is to help reduce the spread of airborne viruses.  The Defender is a unique high power suction system that evacuates viruses, bacteria, dust and aerosols through a 3 stage HEPA Filtration system eliminating 99.97% of all particulate matte and then is filtered through a UV-C disinfection before being exhausted out.  This system provides the safety needed to protect the staff, doctors and patients alike.  The Defender is quiet, powerful and easy to maintain without much extra work required.   In addition, the small footprint makes this system the most ideal for any chair side extraoral suction system for eliminating aerosols.
3 Stage HEPA Filtration -
     H 13 Level: Traps viruses and germs ≥ 0.3µm with 99.97%  efficiency.     
     Fiberglass HEPA Filter: Catches dust and saliva with 99% efficiency.
     Main HEPA Filter with Activated Carbon + KMnO4 + Ceramsite: Absorbs, filters and sterilizes all particles, viruses and         bacteria.
High Fiber Cotton Filter: Captures aerosols and moisture.
Brushless Motor - High power, 10 speed setting, long life and low noise.
UV-C Disinfectant Light:  Kills viruses and bacteria with a high efficiency.
     Ultraviolet lamp intensity - 226uW/cm
     Wave length - 265 - 285nm
Removes 99.97% of viruses and bacteria
Easy to use and change filters
Adjustable Directional Duct that is easy to adjust
Wheels for easy maneuverability of the machine
10 speed control with remote control adjustment
2 Nozzles - 11" large bowl shaped nozzle & smaller rectangular nozzle
Filter change reminder
Voltage - A110V / 60 Hz
Power - 250W max
Maximum Suction Power - 3000pa (10 levels of adjustment)
Maximum Volume - 125CFM
Noise Decibel - 62db
Net Weight - 31 lbs.
Dimensions - 16 x 9 x 18 inches

3 Year Warranty

Replacement Filters Available:
AEF-1010 - Primary Cotton Filter (Pack of 10) (Change every 1-3 months)
AEF-2001 - Secondary Fiberglass HEPA Filter (Change every 3-6 months)
AEF-3001 - Main HEPA Filter with Active Carbon Ceramasite +KMn04 Assembly (Change every 12 months)


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