ImageWorks Panoura 18S Pan, (9992433000) or Panoura 18S Pan with Ceph, (9992433100)

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9992433000, 9992433100

ImageWorks Panoura 18S Digital Panoramic
Contains: Panoura 18S, EVASoft Imaging Software, In-Office Training.
Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty including Remote Technical Support
Note: Panoura Workstation preloaded with EVASoft Imaging Software highly recommended with all Panoura purchases.
Options: 3D Cone Beam Upgrade from 2D Panoramic - P/N 9992433313
ProIntegrate Practice Management Bridge - P/N 9992410070
EVAsoft Imaging Software - P/N 9992490800
Free Standing Base - P/N 9992433212
3D Bite Plates Full Arch/5 Pieces - P/N PXP64P63000015
3D Bite Plates Anterior Only/5 Pieces - P/N PXP64P63000076

3 Features produce high quality panoramic images
* Super high definition image quality for a precise diagnosis - A Cadmium-Telluride CMOS sensor and a unique image construction technology produces sharp images that are free of spinal artifacts.
* AutoFocus: A multi focal layer technology - The unique panoramic image construction technology (Image Creator) automatically selects the best focal layer position as the exposure completes. Re-focusing on any spot is also possible after image acquisition is completed.
* Patient dose reduced by 50% - Direct CMOS sensor enables high quality images while reducing the patient dose by up to 50%. Patient dose is also minimized by shorter exposure times, reducing the risk
of retakes caused by patient movement.

Next Generation Premium High Definition
Standard Panoramic, High Definition 14 seconds - A high-definition Cadmium-Telluride CMOS sensor and a unique panoramic construction algorithm actualize the direct conversion from X-ray to electronic signals, creating high-definition images with lower noise. Even an 8 second exposure provides high image quality optimal for accurate clinical diagnosis.

All Units
Panoramic Exposure Mode (Standard Panoramic), (TMJ 2 Views), (Child Panoramic), Bitewing and FMX exposure modes are also included.
3D Exposure Mode (Dent Mode), (Oral Mode)
Cephalometric Exposure Mode (PA View), (Lateral View), (Carpus View)
3-Point Head Support - Patient’s head is supported at 3 positions to keep it in place during exposure.
Elevation range of 800mm - The chinrest height is adjustable in an 800mm range to adapt to all patient types, from child to adult, to a patient in a wheelchair.
Easy upgrade to 3D & Cephalometric - With the same simple operability and compact body, it can be easily upgraded to 3D and/or cephalometric as needed. *Sensor corresponding to 3D cephalometric is needed.
High Voltage Generator: DC
Focal Spot: 0.5mm x 0.5mm
Cooling Method: Oil Cooling
Tube Voltage: 58,60,63,65,68,71,73,76,79,82kV
Tube Current: 2.0,2.5,3.2,4.0,5.0,6.3,8.0,10mA
Duty Cycle: 1 : 40
Power Supply Voltage: AC100V - 120V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption: 2.0 kVA
Classification: Class 1, Type B
Acquisition & Viewing Software: EVAsoft
Weight (Panoramic) - On Wall: 287 lbs/Norm, On-Base: 342 lbs/Norm
Weight (Cephalometric) - On Wall: 375 lbs/Norm, On-Base: 430 lbs/Norm
Mounting Capabilities: Wall Mount (standard) or Floor Mount (with optional Floor Base)

Software & Accessory Options Available by Phone:
Workstation & Monitor with Preloaded Software
9992433313 – 3D Cone Beam Upgrade From 2D Panoramic
9992410070 – Pointegrate Practice Management Bridge
9992490800 – EVAsoft Imaging Software
9992433212 – Free Standing Base
PXP64P63000015 – 3D Bite Plates Full Arch/5 Pieces
PXP64P63000076 – 3D Bite Plates Anterior Only/5 Pieces