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Nitrous Oxide Systems

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Systems

One of the most important equipment that dentists need in their clinic is a sedation system. Nitrous oxide sedation systems are a safe and effective way of keeping the patient calm and relaxed during dental procedures. At Independent Dental Inc. you can find a variety of high quality nitrous oxide dental equipment for your dental office.

Safety is Our Top Priority

When you purchase your dental equipment from us, you can rest assured that every item that you will be receiving has passed our strict standards for safety and security for both you and your patients. These standards are also applied to our dental nitrous oxide sedation systems. We know the dangers of over-sedating or mixing sedative gases in wrong proportions, which is why we have made it our goal to offer only the safest equipment possible.

Yoke Blocks

At Independent Dental, you can find all the parts and equipment necessary for your dental sedation system. It's important to repair or replace defective parts as soon as possible for your safety as well as your patients'. If you're in need of a new yoke block, you've come to the right place. We've got several of these that you can choose from.

From 2 cylinder yoke blocks to 4 cylinder, you can find the right part for your nitrous oxide dental equipment.

The 2 cylinder yoke block is fitted with one O2 yoke, one N2O yoke, block, gauges, regulators (36" DISS hose) and a cylinder wrench. And the 4 cylinder yoke block includes two O2 yokes, two N2O yokes, block, gauges, regulators (36" DISS hoses), check valves, a cylinder wrench and a yoke plug. Both systems are compatible with Belmed, Porter, Accutron PC, and Fraser Tall Mobiles Stands.

Other Parts and Hardware

Independent Dental also provides other parts that are essential to nitrous oxide sedation systems so whatever parts you need to replace, you can be sure to find it here.

The following are some of the other items that you can purchase from us:

If there are other parts you need which you can't find on our website, please give us a call for assistance at (800) 728-0020.


Apart from providing industry-standard parts and accessories for dental nitrous oxide sedation systems, we also provide technical service and handpiece repair. If your dental chairs or stools need to be re-upholstered, you can count on us for that as well.

If you have dental equipment you won't be needing anymore, we can also buy, sell or trade them. Instead of disposing the equipment, you can contact us and we'll take it off your hands.

If you need more information about any of our products or services, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 728-0200 (toll-free) or (712) 446-2153.


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