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Ref. Preva

Ref. Progeny Preva X-Ray

Progeny Preva Intra Oral X-Ray w/ 8" Cone, 76" Arm Reach & AC Electrical Line Voltage (Mounting Plate Not Included)

The Preva Dental X-ray System is a state-of-the-art, high-frequency intra-oral x-ray machine. It consists of five components: the Control Unit, the Tubehead, the Articulating Arm, the Horizontal Arm, and the Cone.
Preva's 0.4mm focal spot produces visibly higher resolution images whether using film of digital sensors. Details are sharper, more defined. Small but important differences are easier to spot. Pathologies re easier to identify.
Preva is known for its exceptional arm mechanics with stable, drift-free positioning. Preva's proprietary braking system contains both and outboard and an inboard brake to assure that the head stays exactly where you position it without sagging or drifting. Preva has more adjustment points than any other system and a distinctive handle design for fast one-handed positioning.
Tailor made for optimum efficiency Preva's exclusive LCD display with its large, bright screen displays technique information clearly from any angle. Easy to understand icons quickly identify tooth, receptor type and patient size. 30 pre-programmed technique setting streamline setup and preparation for every procedure and every receptor.
With Preva, you decide how you want to see your images. A choice of selectable options allows you to determine the techniques you prefer to control gray scale, density and contrast according to clinical or procedural needs. And, only Preva combines a 0.4mm focal spot with such a wide range of kV,mA and time choices for consistently superior diagnostic images.


Line Voltage 110-230 VAC +/- 10% 550/60 Hz
Line Load Mac current 5 amps
Maximum Rated Tube Potenial 70 KVp
kVp Accuracy +/- 5% selectable
Tube Current 4-7 mA +/- 1 mA
Exposure Time 20 ms through 2.00 seconds
Timer Accuracy 5% +/- 1 ms
Source to Skin Distance 8 inch (20 cm)
Minimum Half Valve Layer 1.7 mm Aluminum equivalent at 70 kVp
Minimum Inherent Filtration 2 mm Aluminum equivalent at 70 kVp
Focal Spot 0.4 mm (IEC 336)
Automatic Cooling Time 15 time the exposure time wait before the next exposure can begin
Leakage Technique Factor 0.4 mA at 70kVp
Target Angle 12.5 degrees
Operating Temperature +50 F / +95 F (+10 C / +35 c)
Storage Tmperature -31 F / +150 F (-35 C / +66 C)
Maximum Altitude 12,000 ft.
Cone Focal Lenth 8 inche (20 cm) for bisecting angle technique 12 inch (30 cm) for paralleling technique
Diameter of X-Ray 2.7 inch (6.9 cm) at the end of the Cone Specifications

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