RPI Dentsply Ultrasonic Cleaner Disc Filter (Water) (OEM #90158), DSF005


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Dentsply Ultrasonic Cleaner Disc Filter (Water)
OEM Part #90158
10 Per package
20 Micron, 25mm; Ports: Luer lock
Maxiuim pressure rating: 60 psi
Service Tip: Replace the disc filter (water) (RPI #DSF005) every 3 months or when the water filter becomes discolored to prevent reduced water flow to the system.
Warning: Incoming water supply line pressure to the scaler must be 25 to 60 psi.  Water supply line must be shut off or disconnected when scaler is not in use.
Fits: Luer lock fittings on water supply hose assembly and water supply line assembly
Models: Dentsply - G115, G130, G132, G137, G120, G131, G136, G122, G138, G121, G124, G119, G1000