SolmeteX NXT Hg5 Mini Amalgam Separator, NXT-HG5-MINI


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SolmeteX NXT Hg5 Mini Amalgam Separator

New compact design, internal manifold, ideal for hard to fit areas
Services up to 4 operatories
Dimensions 25"H x 11"W x 8"D
3/4" inlet and outlet piping
Fernco® couplers for easy install
Floor/wall mount brackets provided
Designed specifically to fit under a counter
Easy to operate and maintenance free
Separator is clear making it possible to visualize functionality
Functional for Wet or Dry Vacuum Systems
Collection container changed with no tools
Clear collection container lets you see when full
Replacement Options:
NXT-Hg5-002CR Collection Container, Proper Box for Shipping, Label, Recycling Documentation
Warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from date of purchase.