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TPC Advance 2500 LED Bleaching System, ALED2505


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TPC Advance 2505 LED Bleaching System, Model ALED2505
Package Includes: Advance 2500LED Bleaching Light, Mobile Stand, AC Power Supply

TPC 1 Year Warranty

Quiet fan operation
Multi-arch whitening application
Three high intensity LED's
Digital display with audio feedback
High power Blue and UV light emitting diodes
Compact mobile stand for easy storage
Adjustable bleaching time with microprocessor-controlled timer
Smart auto-select power: 110-240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
LED bleaching system includes illuminator, mobile base, adjustable arm, power cord & user manual

Broad-Spectrum: 395-490 nm
Light Intensity: 1,500 mW / cm²
Weight: 14 lbs
Dimensions: 60"H x 20"W
Voltage Output: 110-240V / 50/60 Hz
Packing Dimensions: 21" x 21" x 6" - 14 lbs