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Vacuum Pumps

When it comes to large equipment such as dental vacuum systems, you will find that Independent Dental has a dental vacuum pump for sale that perfectly suits your needs and budget. We carry top of the line new and refurbished dental equipment guaranteed to help your practice and your financial bottom line.

Whether you’re in need of a wet or dry dental suction pump, it’s best to replace your dental vacuum pumps if they are no longer performing like they used to. This ensures that the quality of dental care you provide isn’t compromised. Especially with your dental vacuum system, this is vital in accomplishing a number of things such as removing excess fluids like water and saliva in the patient’s mouth and cleaning out the plaque and bacteria from the patient’s teeth, to name a few.

With our quality dental vacuum pumps, you can reap some of the following benefits:

Noise Reduction. When you’re working, you may not notice how noisy the suction can get. However, your patient may have a different opinion. A new and modern dental suction is guaranteed to produce less noise than their older counterparts. This may mean a more pleasant and comfortable experience for your patients.

Eliminate Odd Smells. Generally, odd smells are due to the debris left over when the tank that contains water is drained. In addition, oil, which is needed for lubricating and cooling the motor of older vacuum systems, may also contribute to the foul smell as this is.

Increased Suction Power. Imagine the hassle of having to wait for the dental suction pump to collect all the liquid. Not only can a weak suction capacity affect your performance, this will also ultimately translate into delays. For dental professionals who have a day’s schedule of patients, time is of the essence.

Decreased Water Bill. A new dental vacuum system promises significantly less water consumption and hence, a lower utility bill. Dry vacuums are also more energy efficient while featuring convenient disposal systems.

At Independent Dental, you can shop by price to see what fits your budget. Aside from small and large dental equipment, we also carry dental equipment parts and custom cabinetry. We also offer upholstery and office design services.

For inquiries about our dental vacuum pump units or for help in case you can't find what you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 728-0020. We’d be glad to be of service to you and your clinic.


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