Vector VectorMatic 1:1 Contrta Angle Handpiece, VM20P, VM20LP


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Vector VectorMatic Low-Speed Contra Angle Handpiece
Deluxe low-speed motor system with internal water spray. Replacement Contra Angle Attachments for KaVo Intramatic Style Contra Angle Attachments. Works on any ISO Electric Highspeed System. Compare to KaVo, ADEC, Bein Air, Brasseler, NSK.

VM20P - 1:1 Non-Optic
VM20LP - 1:1 Optic

1:1 (blue), with or without light (non-optic)
Separate cooling 1 hole spray
Fits INTRAMatic connector system.
KaVo Head-system compatible

1 Year Limited Warranty