ADS / Ajax Dental System

ADS Rear Duo Swing Delivery System, A0502525

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Rear Duo Swing Delivery System
Standard Features:
Classic dentist control head with 3 auto HP control
Individual water coolant controls
Master handpiece air coolant adjustment
Asepsis handpiece tubing
Master on/off switch
1 Doctor syringe
Wet/Dry foot control
Stainless steel tray with non-slip pad
Flex arm air brake switch
Solids collector
2 HVE, 1 SE, 1 Syringe
City water/bottled system
5 Year Warranty
Other Options Available per Phone:
HP Fiber optic system with 1 tubing (6-pin)
HP Fiber optic system with 2 tubings (6-pin)
Built-in scaler
Classic junction box case with metal frame
Beyond junction box case with aluminum frame
Electric handpiece motor
Bien Air MCX built in system