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Beyes Dental DuraMax Extraoral Suction System, PPS101


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DuraMax Extraoral Suction System
This aerosol control system removes contaminants produced during dental procedures including droplets, aerosols, blood, dust, and virus and used the most advanced Quattro layer filtration system to kill virus and bacteria absorbed with over 99.9% efficiency.
During treatments, high volume of droplets and aerosols are produced by high-speed handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, and air water syringe that can linger in the air for up to two hours.  This places practitioners and office staff health at risk or infections.
DuraMax Extraoral Suction System will effectively remove these droplets and aerosols from the immediate treatment site thereby reducing the potential danger from dental aerosols and keep the air in your office safe and clean.
Efficient Filtration - 4 layer filtration system including HEPA (0.3 µm 99.97%) filtration plus germicidal UV-C
Powerful - 10 levels of power control with up to 265 CFM capacity
Sleek - Compact and portable design
Convenient - Unit comes with a handy remote control for smooth operation
Easy Filter Replacement Design:
Stage 1: Primary Filter - Eliminate droplet, aerosol, and dust (Replace every month) (2 Supplied with Unit)
Stage 2: Secondary Filter - Eliminate blood and aerosol (Replace every 3 months)
Stage 3: HEPA Filter - Eliminate virus, bacteria size ≥0.3µm 99.97% (Replace every 3 months)
Stage 4: Activated Carbon Filter - Eliminate odor (Replace twice a year)
Stage 5: Germicidal Lamp UV-C - Kills viruses and bacteria (8000 hr. life, about 3 years)
Model - DuraMax X1
Voltage - AC110V, 60 Hz
Power - 350W
Suction - 8.2 Kpa
Speed Options - 10
Ultraviolet C (UV-C) - 254nm Spectrum, 10W
Maximum Volume - 7500L/Min, 265 CFM
Filtration - Four layers HEPA 0.3µm 99.97%
Noise Level - ≤55dB
Head Diameter - 75mm
Arm Reach - 55 inches
Unit Weight - 61.7 lbs.
Unit Dimensions - 15.7 x 10 x 23.4 inches
Warranty - 30 Months
Replacement Filters:
PPS102 - S1 Filter (replace every month)
PPS103 - S2 Filter (replace every 3 months)
PPS104 - S3 Filter (replace every 3 months)
PPS105 - S4 Filter (replace twice a year)