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Beyes Maxso X200 SMART Fiber Optic, Triple Spray - HP2060, HP2066


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HP2060, HP2066,

Beyes Maxso X200 SMART

The Maxso series high speed handpiece is designed to meet expectations in modern dental procedures. High quality components and comfortable grip with Micro-tex finish provide superior handling that you desire. Furthermore, the well aimed triple water spray will provide excellent coolant effects. Maxso series comes with variety of connections, as a result, you simply attach the Maxso to your existing system.

- Fiber Optic
- Triple Spray

HP2060 (Model X200-M/K)      Mini Head, Fiber Optic, Triple Spray, KAVO
HP2066 (Model X200-M/N)      Mini Head, Fiber Optic, Triple Spray, NSK