Brewer 9500 Series Dental/Hygienist Stool , 9500B


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Brewer Design – Series 9500 Premium Ergonomic Seating, Dental & Hygienist Stools

Brewer’s newest innovation in ergonomic dental seating: the 9500 Series stool line brings together a unique combination of advanced ergonomic features to give today’s dental professionals more ways to comfortably meet the physical requirements of their busy day, including:
Product Benefits
* Our 3rd generation Dynamic Motion Technology in the seat & backrest engages your core, helping strengthen back muscles as you work to enhance comfort and stamina
* Low-profile, wrap-around support cradles you in comfort, while allowing you to enjoy a greater
range of motion
* Exclusive use of HybriGel™ Foam for unmatched pressure management and cooling comfort
* Designed to provide correct weight distribution, pelvic tilt, and comfort throughout a broad range of routine motion
Continuous, synchronized movement of the saddle-style seat and lumbar support allows for
proper weight distribution, encourages neutral posture and promotes muscular health
* Adjust desired level of seat and back tilt together to accommodate front-to-back reaching without sacrificing lumbar support
* Backrest adjusts independently at the touch of your fingertips, allowing more comfort, improved sight lines and patient access
* Flexible waterfall seat front features less depth than standard seats to meet individual
comfort preferences

All 9500 Series Premium Ergonomic Seating Feature:
* Less deep, saddle-style seat dimensions: 18” x 16”
* Includes exclusive use of HybriGel™ Foam in seat (and body supports in assistant’s models)
* Wrap-around backrest with ratcheted height adjustment
* Paddle control for seat height adjustment
* Paddle control enables back support to move independently of the seat
* Paddle control adjusts level of synchronized tilt for seat and back
* Backrest dimensions: 9” x 16”
* 25” diameter powder-coated, 5-leg cast aluminum base with hooded, dual wheel, polyurethanetread casters
* 250 lb weight capacity
* Standard 5 year warranty
* Made in the USA

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