Brewer 135 Series Jumper Saddle Stool, 135JS, 135JS-H


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135JS, 135JS-H

Brewer 135 Series Jumper Saddle Stool

Exclusive 360° Dynamic Motion Technology helps strengthen back muscles, reduce back pain and & minimize sitting fatigue.
Saddle Design eases load on back muscles by tilting pelvis forward to enhance posture, naturally align vertebrae and disks, and relieve shoulder and neck tension.
Enable dentists and hygienists to be more comfortable and productive throughout their workday.
Choice of saddle seat sizes and cylinder heights enables you to customize the fit for all users under 5’ 3”, those that are 5’ 3” – 5’ 11”, and those over 5’ 11”.
Conveniently adjust cylinder height to exact user preference.

Standard upholstered seat design
Press on ring or easy height adjustment
Turn ring to conveniently adjust level of dynamic motion
UltraLeather upholstery available in Dove Gray, Raven Wing and Papyrus
23” diameter cast aluminum base w/large casters
250 lb. weight capacity

135 Jumper Models            Adjustable Height Range               Recommended User Height
135JS                                        24” – 32”                                             5’ 3” – 5’ 11”
135JS-H                                    27” – 37”                                             Over 5’ 11”