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Compressors & Heads

From ADS, Sierra Dental to Schulz, Tech West, and Apollo, Independent Dental carries a wide range of fully-refurbished and brand new dental air compressor models to give professionals in dentistry the tools they need to meet their goals and exceed the expectations of their patients.

Ask any practicing dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon, or hygienist and they will likely tell you: an air compressor for dental work is no small investment, so dental practice owners must make sound business decisions on their next dental compressor purchase. And having Independent Dental, Inc. as your go-to resource when buying an air compressor for dental procedures is instrumental to getting the best equipment at the best prices available.

Independent Dental, Inc. has been working exclusively with professionals in the dental field for over 30 years, and in that time they have proven time and time again as the preeminent source for buying must-have items like a reliable, high-quality air compressor. Dental work demands equipment and instruments of the highest-caliber, and Independent Dental, Inc. carries only the very best dental air compressors and dental air compressor parts, while also offering technical expertise for either routine maintenance or emergency services.

In addition to a wide ranging air compressor for dental work selection to choose from, Independent Dental, Inc. also offers handpiece repair from an experience team of technicians, full-service upholstering to customize chairs, stools, and other items, and office design consultancy to help you create design plans that meet individual needs and ultimately exceed the expectations of your patients.

Browse through the Independent Dental, Inc. online selection to find a dental air compressor that falls within your budget and delivers the kind of service your patients want and need.


  • Technical Service
  • Upholstery
  • Handpiece Repair
  • Office Design and Consultation
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